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Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

As a responsible member of society with a prime interest to pass on a green earth to future generations, H-ONE regards “maintaining peoples health” and “to conserve the global environment” as a foundation for the Company’s business management and aggressively addresses these themes in its corporate activities. We strive to achieve our targets with the concerted efforts of the entire company.


  • 1.Conduct an environmental evaluation of business activities and, regarding important issues, set environmental goals and targets where technically and economically possible ranges and make continual improvements on the environmental management system and our environmental performance.
  • 2.Comply with related laws, regulations and other requirements and further enhance environmental conservation.
  • 3.Reduce the environmental burden and prevent environmental pollution by minimizing the industrial waste emitted from our business activities, providing appropriate treatments and enhancing resource and energy efficiency.
  • 4.Coexist with local communities by aggressively participating in environmental activities.
  • 5.Implement in-house publicity activities to provide a better understanding of the Company’s environmental policy and to raise awareness of environmental issues throughout the Company. Disseminate our environmental policy to major business partners to enlist their understanding and cooperation.
  • 6.Release our environmental policy to the public upon request.

Efforts to Reduce CO2 Emissions

With a three-year target volume of CO2 emissions included in the Medium-Term Business Plan, we will conduct periodic review to ensure progress. We will also include a CO2 emission reduction method in our new production method plans—a fundamental of a monozukuri company—and utilize production methods with environmental conservation and efficiency in mind.