Production Management System

H-ONE has developed its original production management system matching our production characteristics. Coherent quantity and record management from material to product is performed. It is also performing the synchronized production and shipment matching the production at our clients, featuring high production management performances such as reduction of lead time and stocked inventories.

Points of H-ONE Production Management System


Production and purchasing planning is instantaneously created for each section from welding and stamping to purchasing based on the parts database once the order from client is received, and the system is built to create consistent plans from purchasing of the material all the way to shipment. This can quickly plan the synchronized production over multiple facilities, which can lead to longer lead time by conventional method, minimizing the inventory and stock in progress.


In the welding section, not only the main line performing the final process, but the sub line performing the preceding process is performing the production linked to the production plan by our clients. This is minimizing the in-process stock in progress.
In the stamping section, logic to make the production planning of welding section compatible with the production characteristics of the stamping section based on the production planning of our clients for certain period was systemized. Considering the production ratio of the stamping equipment and replacement time of the die, a production plan to make the efficiency maximum for multiple models of parts regardless of quantity is achieved quickly.
Also at the Koriyama Factory, an automatic transporting parts warehouse to manage the formed parts is installed. Even though over 100 pallets are stored, it is making sure the parts stored first are taken out first, and at the same time utilizing the storage space efficiently.

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With the cooperation of the vendors, purchasing of the parts in same number is realized. By sharing the production plan of our clients and perform the production and purchasing at the optimal timing, H-ONE can reduce the inventory in stock, and vendors can manufacture according to the system instead of contemplating the sales.
Also for the purchasing of the materials, type and quantity of steel plates can be calculated appropriately from the parts database. Ordering of material is performed in accordance with the production plan in the stamping section.


H-ONE production management system is taking very important role in the quality assurance too. It will make sure the parts stored first are shipped out first, and it will manage and record the production time and usage order for each pallet. And by placing it in the database, it is possible to search the record of each part used in the product, preventing sporadic occurrence of faulty products, and determining of the causes.

Effect of Adoption of Production Management System

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