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Site Policy

This site (h1-co.jp) is a site operated by H-ONE Co., Ltd. (“H-ONE” hereafter). Please read this prescript before using this site, and use only if you do agree. Please note that contents of this prescript may be modified without any prior notice. Also, use the contents that have its own term of service after reading it thoroughly.


H-ONE assumes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the accuracy, usability, certainty, safety, etc., of the contents of this site. Contents or the URL of this site may be modified or deleted without any prior notice. Any information in this site may not reflect the current information. H-ONE assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from this.

Intellectual Property Right

Contents within this site (names, logos, marks, illustrations, photos, literary works) are protected by copyright laws and related treaties/law by each country. Using, copying, modification, etc., of these contents without notification exceeding the range granted by the law are prohibited.


Following acts are strictly prohibited when using this site.

  • Following acts against H-ONE or its related companies, its board members or associates, and/or third-party companies, individuals, or entities
    • Act of libel, defamation, or intimidation
    • Act to cause detriment or damage
    • Act that might tarnish the credence
  • Act that is or might be illegal
  • Act against public order and morality

Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

Following acts are strictly prohibited when using this site.

  • This site is under management of H-ONE. This site can be accessed from different countries in the world with different laws, but it is assumed that whoever accessing this site and H-ONE has agreed that using of this site is restricted by the laws of Japan and regulations of Tokyo.
  • H-ONE is not mentioning or displaying whatsoever that the contents of this site is appropriate for the environment of the person accessing this site. It is assumed that access to this site is performed strictly by the free will of the person accessing this site, and the person accessing this site bears all the responsibility regarding the usage of this site.
  • Tokyo District Court will be assigned as exclusive court of jurisdiction of first instance against any dispute regarding usage of this site unless otherwise noted.

Link to This Site

Link to this site is basically free regardless of being commercial or non-commercial, and no prior notice is required. However, please prohibit the linking if it will or have a chance that it will be applicable to following

  • Link from the Website that is libeling the product and service of H-ONE and/or H-ONE group, or containing contents that is tarnishing the credence of H-ONE and/or H-ONE group
  • Link from a Website that includes illegal information
  • Link from a Website that includes contents against public order and social morality
  • A link that makes uncertain that the information is from the H-ONE site, such as frame link, image link, etc. (please set the link so the whole browser window will display the H-ONE site, or a new window opens to display the H-ONE site)
  • H-ONE may request to change the setting of the link or delete the link if it gives misconception that there is some kind of affiliation or collaborative alliance with H-ONE and/or H-ONE group, or if it give misconception that H-ONE and/or H-ONE group is acknowledging or endorsing the linking Website even if it does not infringe any of above conditions.
    Please note that URL of this site may be modified or deleted without any prior notice.

Linked Sites

Even if this site is linked to other Websites operated by the third party, H-ONE assumes no responsibility whatsoever regarding the problem or damage caused related to the other linked sites.

Recommended environment

Following environment is recommended to comfortably view this site. This site is designed to be compatible with as many browsers as possible, but you may not be able to view or JavaScript, style sheet, etc., may not be supported when using browser with older version than recommended. The site can be used smoothly by using the most current version browser. You may also need most current browser and/or plug-in software to view some of the contents.

Recommended Web Browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later
Mozilla Firefox latest version
Google Chrome latest version
Apple Safari 3 latest version
Recommended Screen Resolution
1024 x 768 pixels or more

Plug-in Software

Plug-in software is external software that extends the features not supported by the browser software. You will be able to use the contents supplied from this Website smoothly by installing following plug-in software.

Adobe Flash Player

Part of this site posts animated contents created by Adobe Flash. You can download the plug-in from banner at right if you cannot view these contents.


Adobe Reader

Part of this site posts PDF files. You can download the plug-in from banner at right if you cannot view these contents.



Part of this site uses JavaScript. To use this service, you need to enable the JavaScript setting for your browser.

Setting of the character size

Change of character size can be done from the Character Size button in this site or with the Option function of the Web browser.

  • When changing from this site, select the Character Size button at the top right of the window. You cannot change the character size within the image or animation.
  • When changing from the Option function of the Web browser, refer to the Help menu of the browser you are using.


This site is supporting the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology in the pages to enter any personal information of the customer, so customer can enter personal information without any worry. SSL will encrypt the data on the PC where it was entered, and only the encrypted data are passing through the network to the registering computer.