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Efforts have long been under way to reduce vehicle weight to improve performance such as better “run, turn and stop.” Nowadays, with the new vehicle requirement of “environment-friendly,” light weight has become a priority for all automakers.
Automobile bodies consist of relatively easily crushable parts and tougher parts. The crushable parts help dissipate over a wider area and absorb the impact of a collision with another vehicle and help the passengers survive, whereas the tougher parts that are hard to deform provide sufficient strength to protect passengers against injury.

To address this difficult demand to embed such contradictory functions—lighter weight and higher collision toughness—into one body, H-ONE has long aggressively optimized high strength steel sheets. Although high strength steel sheet requires high forming and welding technologies compared with regular materials and therefore is a difficult material, we have recently established a technology for the high-precision mass production of ultra high strength steel sheets and other materials that are even more difficult to form. In addition, to meticulously address the need for lighter weight, we locate lightweight materials in appropriate positions in a vehicle body using “Tailor Welded Blank” technology, which makes a single blank sheet out of materials with different properties and thickness by laser welding and then this blank is stamped into a part.
The mass production technology using high strength steel sheets and the machining technology using the “Tailor Welded Blank” technology were realized not only by the accumulation of conventional forming technologies but also by the self-manufacture of high-precision dies based on toughness analyses at the product design stage and the forming simulation at the die design stage.

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