Production Engineering

Examples of Extra-high Tension Steel Processing

With the extra-high strength steel sheet becoming more and more popular to be used for the framework parts, H-ONE is developing processing techniques for stronger extra-high strength steel sheet to differentiate in processing technologies.

  p1Examples of parts useds

Tube Heat-induction Bending Process

This technology is a successive forming method to bend the pipes in arbitrary shapes with tempering process at the same time.
While moving the pipe in axial direction, part of the pipe is heated to a temperature that is possible for plastic deformation and tempering using a high frequency induction coil, and at the same time it is bent by applying bending moment. Then the pipe is quenched rapidly to temper after the bending, allowing to produce parts with closed cross-section in complex shape and high strength in a single process.


  • It is possible to produce part with 1,470 MPa or stronger.
  • It has great form maintainability due to small springback.
  • Residual stress in the finished product is small, so there is no worry of delayed failure due to that.
  • Arbitrary bend form can be processed without using a die.
  • Partial tempering is possible, so only the required portion can be easily tempered.

Currently, H-ONE is verifying the possibility to apply this technique to automobile parts, and extracting problems for mass production.

p1Process conceptual drawing
p1Single directional bend p3With brackets
p4Bi-directional bend p6Angle bend

Tailored Blank Welding

Front side frame

For the safety of occupants during the crash, an automobile body is constructed with an area that will crumple to absorb the impact and rigid area to maintain the survival space.
To maintain and enhance this margin of safety, H-ONE is utilizing the tailored blank welding technology. Complex material placement of the automobile framework verified by various simulations in the designing phase can be maintained in the stamping phase utilizing the tailored blank welding
Tailored blank is a technology to weld together steel plates with different thickness and/or material, and it is becoming a vital technology with the usage of extra-high strength steel sheets.

Precision Parts Machining


H-ONE has successfully mass produced the precision parts by steel stamping, which was considered to be difficult to accomplish, using our accumulated fine blanking technology.
H-ONE has also installed cutting-edge precision steel stamping equipment looking into the future. H-ONE is developing mass production technology of precision parts using low-cost dies.

p54 axis control 300t servo press p68 axis control 600t dual servo press

Technical Tradition


igitization is becoming more popular in processes from upstream to downstream. Therefore, human touch is required to guarantee products with full QCD. Generation of mass production quality fulfilling the faith of clients is advanced by human force. No matter how digitization and mechanization is advanced, what can pursuit, verify, and give human touch to the efficiency and quality consistently is human touch and eyes backed up by craft and sense from long experience.

It is a requirement of our company to pass these know-how and art of craft and sense that cannot be compiled into a manual to younger generations. Therefore, H-ONE has created a technical tradition program with expert craftsmen as mentor, aiming to pass the expert craftsmanship to future, training the technicians globally.

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