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Security Policy

Purpose of Security Policy

By establishing basic principles and regulations for prevention of information leakage, all H-one Group employees will raise their awareness in the protection of information assets and build an information security system that can respond to the changes of time.

Basic Policy

In order to protect H-one’s information assets and personal information:

  1. We shall act with an understanding of the risks of information leakage.
  2. All employees shall manage information and prevent its leakage under the same Policy.
  3. Risk-related information, including information leakage cases, shall be shared globally, reflected in the Policy, and used to prevent similar incidents and leaks from occurring at H-one.
  4. When building a new structure related to information management or information processing, we shall follow and comply with the Policy concepts.
  5. We shall anticipate changes in the social environment, and respond to them promptly.
  6. We shall review Security Policy as appropriate.

Information Security Declaration (Excerpt)

We, all employees who work at H-one, have established an Information Security Policy that serves as the basis for information security to protect H-one’s information assets and important information assets related to our customers, which is the result of many years of accumulated effort.
By actively practicing appropriate actions on a voluntary basis in accordance with this Policy, we will strive to ensure smooth business operations and aim to be a company the existence of which is expected.

Atsushi Kaneda
Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer