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Privacy Policy

H-ONE Co., Ltd. ("H-ONE" hereafter) is recognizing the appropriate protection and management of the information that are handled in the course of business, which can identify individuals such as customers, business partners, etc. ("personal information" hereafter) are an important societal responsibility as a corporation, and all associates are pursuing to abide by the law through establishment of company regulations, associate training, etc., regarding the personal information protection.

Privacy Policy

1. Acquisition of the information

H-ONE will acquire personal information in an appropriate manner, and only to the required information whenever it is required.

2. Purpose of usage

H-ONE will use the personal information in the range of purpose of use disclosed at the time of acquisition, and within the requirement of the business.

3. Disclosure to the third party

H-ONE will not provide any personal information to the third party without consent of the person involved as a general rule.

4. Disclosure of the personal information

H-ONE will support any inquiry or request from an individual regarding their own personal information that H-ONE retains, within practical period and range, after predetermined identification.

5. Management system

H-ONE will maintain the company structure to protect the personal information, and take necessary and appropriate measures for safely managing the personal information against leak, loss, damage, etc.
Also, whenever handling of the personal information is consigned to a vendor, H-ONE will take necessary and appropriate measures to maintain safe management of the consigned personal information.

6. Abidance by related laws

H-ONE will abide by laws, such as “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”, and other regulations.

About the purpose of use

H-ONE will use the acquired personal information for the following purposes.

Regarding the personal information of the customers and business partners

  1. To develop and produce better products
  2. To sell and provide H-ONE products and services regarding the products
  3. To inquire about the products and services the customers and business partners handle
  4. To provide information regarding the H-ONE products and other information that are considered to be useful to customers

To execute other businesses associating above (1) through (4)

Regarding the personal information of the shareholders and investors

  1. To exercise and execute the right based on various laws
  2. Operation and recording of shareholder meeting
  3. Management of shareholders such as generation of data based on various laws
  4. Exercising various policies for shareholders and investors

Contact regarding the personal information

H-ONE Co., Ltd., General Affairs Department

TEL: 048-643-0010
FAX: 048-643-0040