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Issues to Be Addressed

Our awareness of the current situation as a whole group

In the current business environment surrounding the Group, as for the global economy, the spread of vaccines and the development of therapeutic drugs are expected to bring COVID-19 infections to a gradual halt and the economy is expected to follow a gradual recovery trend. However, there is a possibility that the degree of economic recovery may be lopsided because of a disparity in the spread of vaccines between developed and emerging countries. In addition, the outlook is becoming increasingly uncertain due to the emergence of geopolitical risks such as the situation in Ukraine, soaring resource prices, and the weakening of the yen against the backdrop of widening interest rate differentials between Japan and the United States due to monetary tightening, along with rising prices in the United States.
In the automotive industry, despite the impact of COVID-19 infections once again surging, we expect demand to move toward recovery as socioeconomic activities pick up. On the other hand, there are concerns about prolonged semiconductor procurement problems, as well as stagnant component supplies from China.
The automotive industry is undergoing a period of change globally, including the progress of electrification in response to stricter environmental regulations worldwide, the expansion of CASE (Connectivity, Autonomous driving, Sharing, and Electric drive systems) and MaaS (Mobility as a Service), and with that the entry of different industries.
As for automotive frames, which are our Group’s flagship products, new customer demands are arising, such as participation in upstream stages of development of new cars, including automotive body design, analysis and simulation, in addition to conventional needs such as weight reduction to improve fuel economy performance as well as improvement in collision safety performance. In addition, a number of emerging EV manufacturers, centering on China, are new promising sales channels.
With these, it is expected that opportunities for our Group to attract new domestic and overseas customers will expand through development capabilities and production capabilities (performance analysis and die technologies for automotive frames, and press and welding technologies for ultra-high strength steel) and global expansion through an integrated development system from research to mass production, which is our strength, and our efficient supply network. While we can expect to opportunities with a flexible supply network, the environment is such that competition for volume orders will grow increasingly more severe with changes in part procurement strategies of automobile manufacturers.

Our policy

Taking the above business environment into consideration, since April 2020, our Group has formulated a long-term vision “VISION 2030” with 2030 as the final year to achieve steady growth while promptly responding to rapid changes, and we have positioned this with our sixth medium-term business plan (April 2020 - March 2023), which is the first medium-term plan, as our Group’s medium- and long-term management strategy.

6th Midterm Business policy

To pursue services and products with value by “Think Value” and the hospitality of every single person of the H-one Group and lead to the joy and expectations of all stakeholders

6th Midterm/Priority measures

Strengthen Sustainability Along with fulfilling social responsibility as a corporation for sustained growth, achieve improvements in corporate value.
High Quality Stabilization Achieve and stabilize quality standard that exceeds customers’ expectations. Create characteristics that will not move backward.
Strengthen Profit Base All plants to work with self-reliance and promote sustainable profitability and sound operations.
Advance, Research & Create Technology Aiming to become the industry’s TOP by combining our development and production capabilities and contributing to the development, technological progress and evolution of products with superior technologies and ideas that make dreams come true.
Expand Business Base With our structural frame technological knowledge base, we will provide new values and contribute to more customers.
Strengthen Human Resources Development Become a group with aspiration, respect and trust for one another willing to challenge oneself to create new values.

Priority business and financial matters to be addressed

Response to COVID-19

Along with ensuring the safety of employees and related personnel and preventing the spread of infections, the company will ensure the supply of parts to customers, and we will fulfill our corporate social responsibility by providing support for infection prevention products to local communities. In addition, we will maintain sufficient liquidity on hand for unforeseen contingencies.

Enhancement of profitability

In addition to a focus on improving profitability in the North American segment, the Group’s largest, we will promote various measures to minimize the impact of production fluctuations in Japan. In the Asia and Oceania segment, we will continue to strengthen our earnings base by way of both sales revenue expansion and cost reduction.

Initiatives to secure sales to main customers and expand sales

In addition to promoting sales activities by offering technical proposals from the early stage of development of new car models for our main customers, we aim to win orders for new parts and seek to continue to receive orders for parts already in production. In expanding sales, along with technical proposal sales, we will actively promote ordering activities in Japan and overseas utilizing the Group’s supply system. In addition, we will expand orders for molds and castings and leverage our track record to win orders for automobile frame parts.

Promotion of new technology and new product development

We will create new value and increase sales and earnings through the development of new technologies and products to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Human resource development

In addition to promoting a variety of measures in Japan and overseas to develop human resources capable of performing globally, we will also promote work style reforms and diversity and inclusion initiatives in Japan to respond to an increasingly diverse society.

Highly stabilized quality

We will continue to strengthen our process capabilities to consistently satisfy our customers with QCD.