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Procurement Policy

Basic concept

We consider that the business partners who we request services such as the supply of parts, raw materials, dies, mechanical equipment, and physical distribution, which are necessary for our business activities, are our essential partners who make up automotive frames together.
With the aim of building a relationship of co-existence and co-prosperity that allows us to respect our business partners and continue to cooperate with each other, we conduct procurement activities based on our “purchasing philosophy” and “three principles for purchasing.”
In addition, with the aim of fulfilling our social responsibility throughout the supply chain including our business partners, we promote CSR procurement by sharing with our business partners the CSR Guidelines, the pillars of which are safety, quality, labor (human rights), environment, compliance, and social contribution.

Purchasing philosophy

We shall provide products that satisfy our customers around the world through the procurement of
“good-quality products”
“at reasonable prices”
“timely and on a permanent basis.”

Three principles for purchasing

1 Procurement that respects the independence of our business partners

  • Respect management entities as business partners are companies with their own management policies, development technologies, and established management know-how.
  • Expect them to challenge global competition on their own, and follow a self-driven path.

2 Procurement based on free competition

  • Further improve international competitiveness by learning from others in relation to “free business dealings.”
  • Widely open our doors to our business partners on an international basis.
  • Realize stable procurement that always satisfies quality, quantity, price, and timing.

3 Business dealings on an equal footing with our business partners

  • Business dealings on an equal footing with our business partners regardless of company size.