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Dividend Policy and Cash Dividends

Dividend policy

Positioning the return of profit to shareholders as one of our important management policies, we have paid stable dividends in consideration of business performance, etc. Going forward, we will continue to strive to improve the return on equity (ROE: Return On Equity) attributable to owners of the parent company, and take into consideration future business development and capital investment, etc., as our basic policy to make stable distributions to our shareholders based on business performance over the long term.
In principle, we pay dividends of surplus twice a year: interim dividend and year-end dividend. Organizationally, interim dividends are determined by the board of directors, and year-end dividends are determined at the general meeting of shareholders.
Internal reserves are used for overseas business development and capital investment for newly developed automotive models, and are used for business development to improve corporate value and secure shareholder profits in the future.
Based on Article 454(5) of the Companies Act, the Articles of Incorporation include a provision to the effect that interim dividends may be distributed by resolution of the board of directors.

Dividends payout ratio