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Labor Practices and Human Rights

Basic concept

  1. Human Resource Development Policy
    Based on our management philosophy of respect, trust, and challenge, we recognize that human resources are the capital that creates value. In order to improve our ability to create value and achieve sustainable growth, we will hire and develop diverse human resources who can think and act on their own from the perspective of solving social issues, involve others, and create new value.
  2. Policies for Improving Internal Environments
    We will promote training to improve independence and the ability to think and act, etc., and will enhance communication both inside and outside the company so that all individuals can develop their abilities and careers based on guidance and OJT through daily work from superiors and seniors regardless of gender, age, country of origin, etc., to create new value.
    In addition, we will promote the improvement of workplace where everyone can work energetically, such as improving the management skills of managers and supervisors, introducing diverse work styles, and promoting health management.

Promotion of female participation

With the aim of building an environment in which diverse human resources can play an active role, we promote various activities, such as active female recruitment, awareness-raising activities relating to diversity for managers and supervisors, and creation of an environment where everyone can work in comfort.

Our target of female employment:

More than 10% of female new graduate employment out of total new graduate employment every year.


FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Number of new graduate employment 27 30 17
Number of female employment (included to the above) 7 9 4
Percentage of the female employment 26% 30% 24%

Promotion of senior employment

We consider that experienced employees are valuable human resources with a wealth of experience, techniques, and skills. We continue to operate a post-retirement re-employment system.
In April 2018, a significant revision was made to the system centering on treatment, and its operation was renewed under the name of “regular continuous employment system” so that system users can work with greater satisfaction.

Barrier-free employment and management system

Based on the purpose of the Act on Employment Promotion etc., of Persons with Disabilities, we have taken a proactive stance in employing the physically and mentally challenged, and people with disabilities are playing an active role in various departments. We also promote initiatives to support people with disabilities through regular information exchanges on working conditions at workplaces with the permanent working life counselors and recruitment promoter stationed at business sites and the head office, respectively.

Our activities:

  • Placement of permanent job coach and working life counselors for persons with disabilities
  • Regular verification of implementation status regarding reasonable accommodation
  • Holding a seminar for managers regarding employment and management for persons with disabilities
  • Active employment of people with disabilities

Our status of employment:

FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Number of employees with disabilities 27 33 35
Employment rate of persons with disabilities 2.56% 2.87% 3.15%

Work-life balance

We have established and maintain a system that enables diverse work styles according to individual values and family circumstances.
We continue to improve the work environment so that a balance can be struck between work and private life not only through the promotion of acquisition of paid holidays, but also with use of a refreshment leave system that enables continuous acquisition of paid holidays, childcare or family-care leave system, short-time working system, etc.

Education and training

We provide education regarding human rights in various situations, such as rank-based training and new employee training. We educate employees about the basic concepts for preventing various forms of harassment and unjust discriminatory words and actions in workplaces through awareness in compliance-related study sessions that are held on a yearly basis. In addition, those who are promoted as managers are provided with training focusing on relationships with subordinates so that daily workplace management can be performed appropriately. There is also training for those who are assigned overseas, and education is provided as required according to rank and role.

Certification of “a company practicing diverse work styles (Platinum)”

Certification of “a company practicing diverse work styles (Platinum)”

On August 1, 2021, we were certified by Saitama Prefecture as a “Platinum” company practicing diverse work styles. This was recognition for our continuous commitments such as “women who continue to work after giving birth;” “active promotion of parental support for men;” and “shorter working hours system that exceeds legal requirements that are now firmly established in our workplaces.”